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A little about me...

So you know who you will be assisting you on your journey!

I started my path to “finding myself” back in 2004. I was searching for something more in my life. Finding some meaning in it all.  I had recently gotten divorced and was working at your standard corporate job. 

I decided (after a bit of soul searching) that I wanted to sell everything and travel across country to explore what I wanted to do in my life. I thought at the time that I wanted to make chocolate. I spent 3 months traveling in an SUV across the country and back. I didn’t “find myself”, but I did see beautiful places, reconnect with friends, buy a rental house, discovered that I liked photography and tasted lots of good chocolate. After my trip, I arrived back in Southern California and promptly got a bit depressed. What now!

I spent the next 4 years learning all sorts of healing methods. I got certified in Jikiden Reiki, Akadua, Angel Healing, Abundance of Light Healing, Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, and Energy work.


I have a few more techniques that I learned, but after awhile I developed my own way of healing that worked for me and my clients. I use my intuition and empathic abilities to “read” a person and use a combination of energy healing, intuitive guidance, manifesting and sometimes if you are with me one on one I might find a spot in your physical body that’s holdin’ some stuff!

In this time frame I also joined a mystery school that ended up making quite the mess of my life. I don’t recommend that. But I did learn an immense amount from the experience. Including how to spot spiritual b.s. from a mile away! When it comes to spiritual teachers, do your due diligence and follow your gut.

I went on to study Dzogchen & Bon Buddhism with a Tibetan Bon monk, practiced 10 years in Kempo Karate, studied manifesting and Kabbalah. I have had many teachers along the way. Including those who didn’t know they were teaching me. 🙂

In 2016 I was guided to move to Nebraska to stay with my childhood best friend and started a new life in the Midwest.

Recently I had a very serendipitous opportunity to buy a house 2 doors down from my friend and now I have a beautiful 100+ year old house that I love.

Recently, with all the craziness in the world, I was inspired to start coaching people on how to tap into their own intuition, healing, and guidance to make their lives amazing. 

I want to help you be happy, joyous, and healed.

Lot’s of love and joy!



Usually you pay for a service and if you’re lucky, you get what you pay for. With you I got so much more. Not only am I incredibly impressed with your professional knowledge, skills and extremely good taste but the fact that working with you I learned so many new things for myself. And not only did I learn about tools that I can use and apply in my work, but I also learned about who I am. It’s like you awakened that sparkle of life inside of me by showing so many things that life has to offer. I once again feel like I’m alive and with all your help I’m excited to open the next chapter in my life. I am so grateful for having had the privilege to work with you

Thank you!!

Hannele Behm

Transformational Body Coach

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