Shannyn’s knowledge and mastery combined with her compassion and empathy as a gifted intuitive enable her to provide her clients with unique insights and new perspectives into the arch of one’s life. The overall effect is that you see your life through fresh, optimistic eyes, and feel refreshed, enlivened, and ready for the challenges and opportunities before you. I’ve benefited from her dedication in important ways, improving the lens through which I see my life and giving me more self-understanding. I’d encourage others to give themselves the gift of her wisdom, knowledge, compassion, and mastery.

Dr. Jacob Spencer Ph.D

Usually you pay for a service and if you’re lucky, you get what you pay for. With you I got so much more. Not only am I incredibly impressed with your professional knowledge, skills and extremely good taste but the fact that working with you I learned so many new things for myself. And not only did I learn about tools that I can use and apply in my work, but I also learned about who I am. It’s like you awakened that sparkle of life inside of me by showing so many things that life has to offer. I once again feel like I’m alive and with all your help I’m excited to open the next chapter in my life. I am so grateful for having had the privilege to work with you

Thank you!!

Hannele Behm, Transformational Body Coach

I have known Shannyn for many years. When I am really in a pickle or need a big pick me up, Shannyn is somebody I trust, because she is a high level healer who works directly with the essence of love. When you are looking for a healer, it is not the healer who gives the gifts but the healer who must move out of the way, to let the love through. This means qualities like humility, gentleness, calmness and most importantly love and compassion are absolutely paramount.

Alyssa Mary Rose

Shannyn is an honest trustworthy leader who is passionate about life and helping others. I have been seeing her for almost a year now and highly recommend her for a multitude of life issues. She is a gifted listener and gives personal direction with attention to your best interest.

She is caring and light hearted. Steering my life in a new direction was a difficult but necessary decision. Shannyn led the way with positivity and clarity. I could never have made it through the darkness on my own. I’m happy to say my life has improved in so many ways that I never imagined possible. I see myself and others with much more love and patience.  I am more conscience of my own personal path and more empathetic to others without being directly affected by everything other people do. Shannyn’s treatments brought a great deal of light into my life and I am very grateful to her dedication to her profession!

Thank you!!

Cristy Giddings

I am in awe of this remarkable, caring, generous and talented woman. Her skill is remarkable. I can honestly say that I have had a very noticeable improvement in the condition I was complaining of and for the first time in three weeks of awful pain I am pain free. Thank-you so very much.


Love her sessions, they are so full of love and insights that are spot on about what needs to be done for the person to move forward. I can see some changes in my loved one that this healing was for. Thank you so much Shannyn!

I dislocated my shoulder last year, for the second time, and it hurt for weeks. The pain just wasn’t going away. My doctor was of no help. Shannon spent maybe an hour working on it and the pain relief was immediate and lasting. Whenever I manage to hurt myself – I’m a bit of a klutz – it’s good to know that Shannyn will be there to put it right again.
Jason Clark

Shannyn is fantastic – very intuitive and a gifted energy worker. The effect of her healing work is profound. The healing I received was so amazing and had a wonderful effect on my body and my relationship. Shannon is an angel!

I’m so glad that Shannyn is back. She is by far one of the most effective long-distance healers I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Her energy always feels wonderful when she is working on you and she is very descriptive and open about her findings. Will be back for more. Thanks. A+++l!

I had a bad day at work and was in a bad mood. Then suddenly I was feeling a lot better. Later I checked my email and found out she did the healing…so…it works 🙂

I had a bad day at work and was in a bad mood. Then suddenly I was feeling a lot better. Later I checked my email and found out she did the healing…so…it works 🙂

I’ve had two excellent experiences with Shannyn’s healing energy. It is warm, loving and you can recognize her immediately once she establishes a connection with you. She was accurate in diagnosing my imbalances and worked to help correct the issues and promote my bodies overall condition. A+

Shannyn’s diagnosis of my throat blockage was dead on and coincided with what a few other healers had told me. Thank you for your work and loving energy. Will be back for more!

Shannyn is very selfless and honest . You can feel the changes adjust within you as she works. I cannot recommend using her gifts enough. She is the real deal. And gives you ways to improve afterwards.

I felt this energy immediately! The peace I felt with this was amazing! I really needed this! Will do this again! Thank you! Thank you!

Shannyn, Thank you so much, you were so on point. You are very good at this. Everyone should have a healing with you. I found this healing to be of tremendous value.

A wonderful experience. The energy was so strong. Thank you!!! So very much appreciated.

Thank you Shannyn! I feel much better after a good rest, I even woke up before my alarm goes off. I even had a beautiful dream. Thank you for the healing. 🙂

Thank you Shannyn after your healing my wife had the first good sleep in several days.

Absolutely amazing, incredibly helpful. She went way above & beyond my expectations, and I highly recommend her healing!

Excellent. I feel so refreshed as if I went to a day spa. I feel so happy. I haven’t felt this happy and content in a long time. This is great. Thank you so much. I really needed this…..

Shannyn has such soft energy. Her healing work feels crisp, clean, and flowing. My sessions always exceed my expectations, and I am so grateful for them!
Marcy Johnson

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